What else do I need to know about hydro sites?

30 AMP, 50 AMP, and non-Hydro RV’s will be camped in the same vicinity but in separate blocks. If you wish to camp together, you must have the same service and arrive together. RV’s with Hydro Upgrade MUST have a minimum of 75’ electrical cord to run from each RV to the power source. Hydro Upgrade MUST provide your own connector for the 30 or 50 amp service.

In the event that a Hydro RV user overloads their 30 amp or 50 amp power source and “pops” their breaker, the power company will re-set the breaker one time and supply the RV owner with a warning. If the breaker pops a second time, the RV triggering the issue will be disconnected from the power grid without a refund for the remainder of the event.

The festival reserves the right to relocate campers to a substituted site or area if necessary. Please note that camping maps only provide an approximate location of campsites.

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