Can I bring my own alcohol?

Outside alcoholic beverages are permitted but must be consumed within the camping area and must follow the allowable amounts: 
No more than two bulk alcohol items per person in aluminium or plastic containers only. No glass containers of any kind.
One “Bulk alcohol” is defined as:
               ◦One (1) case (24 cans) of beer or malt-based beverage.
               ◦One (1) 26 oz. of liquor
               ◦One (1) 4L Box of wine
  • No Underage Drinking
Substitution Note: Beer, liquor and wine can be substituted for your alcohol of choice but should not exceed the recommended amounts as security may confiscate this if they feel you are bringing alcohol onto the grounds for potential re-sale.  Please also keep in mind that glass bottles are strictly prohibited.
Alcohol in glass containers are not allowed and can not be transferred into plastic containers or any other non glass container on site - Please do it before you arrive.

Alcohol must remain in your campsite. Walking around the camping area with alcohol will not be permitted.

Persons will not be allowed to enter the entertainment space if they are excessively intoxicated or pose a threat to themselves or others. Persons found to be intoxicated in the entertainment space will be escorted outside of the security gates.

Don't drink and drive. Check out our designated driver program if you need to leave the grounds!

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