Are there accessible campsites?

The Accessible Camping and Day Parking areas are reserved for patrons with accessible needs and their companion. A government issued accessible parking permit, placard, or hang tag is required to use these areas. Please be sure to access the correct tickets at
Accessible Camping spots are near the entertainment area, however, a short walk will be required to reach the entrance gates. Shuttle service will not be provided between accessible camping and the entertainment area entrance, or within the entertainment grounds. 
To qualify for the accessible camping site, upon arrival you will need to provide a valid accessible parking license plate, place card, or hang tag.

  • A limited number of sites are available
  • Sites are assigned upon arrival (first come, first camp)
    This pass provides access for one (1) vehicle to claim a campsite.

    Site specs:

  • Price is per-site (not per-person).
  • Approximately 20’X20’.
  • Recommended 4-6 people per site (max 6).
  • Space for One (1) normal-size car* on site.

    *A normal-size car is defined as anything smaller than a 12-passenger van. Only lightweight passenger vehicles, including pickup trucks and SUVs will be permitted in camping areas.

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