Do you have a designated driver service?

We do not support drinking and driving at Boots & Hearts. If you are driving to Boots & Hearts and plan on drinking, we have a designated driver program available. Look for the designated driver service tents in the day parking lots. The service will include 2 drivers. The patron will be taken home as well as their car. Patrons are able to sign up upon arrival to the grounds, through out the day, or when ready to leave. Cash and credit cards will be accepted by the designated driver provider; your cashless wristband will not be accepted.

Cost of Service
Specific rates can be obtained when reserving, either via the app ( or in person at Day Parking.

Flat rates have been prearranged for Barrie and Orillia. The cost will be $55 to Barrie/Orillia with $5/km thereafter.

Please note: Expect delays if leaving at a busy time and the booking has not previously been arranged.

Thank you for drinking responsibility!

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