Wristband Registration Support

Step 1
Visit bootsandhearts.com/register or download the app to register your wristband. Your 16-digit unique ID number (UID) and 6-digit security code are located on the back of the RFID tag on your wristband.
Pro-tip: make sure to read your UID and security code and register your wristband before attaching it to your wrist, as it will be more difficult to read your UID and security code once it’s on your wrist. 

New for 2017 – Registration is Mandatory!
Why mandatory registration? The boring answer is that it personalizes your wristband which helps if it is ever lost or stolen. You will also be able to use it as a digital wallet to make cashless purchases on-site (see insert for more info). The exciting answer is that if you register and top-up before August 4th, we will automatically enter you into contest draws for a ton of exclusive giveaways…like ticket upgrades to VIP.

Step 2
Slip untightened wristband over your right wrist on Day 1 of Boots and Hearts.

Hold onto the two loose ends of the wristband and slide the lock towards your wrist to tighten the wristband. To make sure you don’t over-tighten your wristband, leave one index finger distance of space between your wrist and the wristband for comfort and security.

For support on your cashless RFID wristband please contact the Intellipay customer support team directly at:

1-647-479-0150 or bootsandhearts@intellipay.support 


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    Tiffany bell

    How do I add money to my wristband? I registered my wristband and now it won't let me add money to it? Can't find a link

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